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Best Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India

The enormity of the problem of alcohol and drug addiction can only be understood by the ones affected by it. What compounds the situation for the addicts and their family is the lack of good alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres in Mumbai.

I Care Foundation established with the sole aim of providing a rehab facility that can match up to the prescribed ethical and professional standards of addiction treatment. Our aim is not only to provide world class addiction treatment to alcoholics and addicts, but also provide the addict’s family with the support it requires in dealing with the situations. We use the WHO (World Health Organization) approved 12-Step treatment process to achieve complete abstinence from drug or alcohol abuse. The 12 Step process is considered the “most effective treatment for addiction” , as it is a holistic approach targeted at healing mind, body and spirit. It helps the addicts not only through the treatment process, but also enables them to choose a new way of life that supports them throughout their recovery and abstinence.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai
Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai are for saving lives and rebuilding relationships. The journey to healthy sober life is not a quick and easy one for addicted patients. It is a lifelong commitment of dedication and hard work. The rewards gain from transforming a life of addiction into the life of recovery, however, are immeasurable and well worth the effort. Sobriety hope and faith guidance are given to the sufferer from addition. Like any journey, the road to sobriety begins with simple steps forward.
The steps of Addiction Rehab process…

The specific steps of person's addiction rehabilitation process vary according to the type of addiction. All recovery process tends to share certain key elements.
Intake, Detoxification, Rehabilitation, Ongoing recovery If you have any question concerning the rehab process to recovery …you will get the
information below. Our treatment support advisor is available 24/7 and all the information is kept confidential.
The Things you should know..
When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation program find out the option.
1…It’s important to search for a program that‘s good match for you.
2…The facility that is comfortable for you
3..Most important part is that you have to stick to the program and see it through its end.
I care foundation is an institution on Drug and Alcohol abuse center. Its aim is to give world-class treatment to the addicts and support to their family.


Stop being a prisoner of your past,  Become an architect of your future ….
Addiction… Nature has endowed us all with the ability to become addicted -and we all engross in addictive behaviors to some degree.  Addiction is a chronicle, relapsing brain disease. An addiction is so powerful that you no longer have a free will. People who have developed an addiction are not aware of that their behavior is out of control, and it causes a problem for themselves and others. “Addiction is a behavior, and all behavior are choices”. Addiction is a disease in which you are literally the loss of control.

Most addictive behavior is not related to physical tolerance or exposure to cues. Most people are the drug, alcohol addicted. It is a disorder with biological, psychological, social and environmental factors. The brain changes and the regions involving the neuro-circuitry of reward, motivation memory, impulse control and judgment. This leads to carving for drug or alcohol. Treating this kind of addiction requires an understanding and how it works psychologically.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai…

First of all, you have to know what is Rehabilitation. It is the act of restoring to an original state. Rehabilitation centres play an important role with the purpose to restore all patient’s physical sensory, and mental capabilities that were lost due to illness or disease, neurological problem, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, cancer.
A proper and adequate alcohol and drug Rehabilitation center can help patients to cope with deficits that cannot be reversed by medical care. Addiction Rehabilitation center addresses the patient’s physical and social environmental needs.  The patient is encouraged to be active physically and mentally to the extent recommended by the healthcare team.

Addiction Rehabilitation centre services are provided in a variety of settings, including clinical and office practices, hospitals, skilled-care nursing homes, sports, medicines, even some therapists make home visits.

I care foundation is one the leading and the best Drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai and alcohol Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai established with the one and only aim of providing a proper Rehab facility.
De addiction center in Mumbai…

Alcohol has a plethora of romantic alliance. The scarlet glow of advertisement, the sputter champagne opened, the toast at the party, the thrill teenager’s secret beer bash all make to feel good images.  It is a difficult thing to say why some people are more receptive to alcohol. Alcoholism is an age no bar, economic status /social status. An alcoholic, whose drinking causes many problems in his life{family, relationship, job, financial status, health}and who continues to drink in spite of these problems for his physical and psychological dependence on alcohol.

Once the “evil” in the bottle gets you. You are trapped.
I care Foundation for De-addiction center in Mumbai helps the client in every way.
It helps the “Addict” to change the attitude and bring meaningful recovery. Here we treat the client or “Addict” as a friend.

In this center we make our client believe that he/she is rational and trustworthy. We try to help our client to detect his distorted cognition and help him /her to replace those by appropriate ones.

Security and love are very important needs for the person who is suffering from the disease of addiction. Here we feel that emotional bonding is very important for them.  So dormitory living and community approach provide emotional bonding.

Here in this center, we try to restore human values, honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness are considered to be the value of recovery. Our daily routine reinforces the value of time, yoga reinforces the value of discipline.
Best Drug Rehab…

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

To help our clients in every way possible, we have created a unique addiction treatment program that aims to address every contributing factor in the addiction. None of our clients are forced to participate in a treatment plan they are not comfortable with. Regardless of the drug involved, the severity of the addiction, or the physical and mental health of the individual, we have a program that will bring about a lasting recovery.

At Icarefoundation Recovery, we understand the urgency of providing effective treatment for those individuals who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Our goal is to help addiction sufferers reverse the physical and emotional damages so they can resume their place in society and enjoy productive, happy lives.


Smart Recovery

SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training) is a unique program that utilizes a science-based, secular approach, using evidence-based methods such as motivational, behavioral and cognitive.



These groups are designed to develop a new perspective on spirituality allowing the patient to search for their true spiritual path and understand the effects of chemical dependency on the spiritual self.



Group therapy in treatment often involves the presence of people who have already overcome an addiction. These people can be very inspirational to someone who is currently struggling with their addiction.


Communication Skills

Having excellent communication skills allows people to effectively work with others. Other people do not automatically know your needs, so you have to be able to tell them in a clear manner what you expect and desire.


Physical Fitness

We offer a wide variety of workouts in our gym – a mixture of weight training, body weight workouts, circuit training and cardiovascular workouts are supplied, along with classes such as Yoga, Karate, Zumba, massages.



Patients will develop moral reasoning and skills through the confrontation of self, assessment of current relationships, reinforcement of positive behavior and habits, and positive identity formation.

Premium Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India.

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